VASER Lipo Hi Definition 3&4D

The ideal beauty of the human body is slim and athletic. It's possible that you have been striving to achieve the athletic look with rigorous diets and exercise for a long time to no avail. This happens because the superficial, excess fat obscures the contours of the well-developed musculoskeletal system. It is lack of body fat, and not developed muscles, that causes muscles to be visible through the skin. Our clinic offers an innovative solution: VASER Lipo Hi-Definition 3 & 4D liposuction, a revolutionary method of body shaping.

How it’s done

VASER Lipo Hi Definition 3 & 4D is a body sculpting method based on ultrasound, targeted precisely at adipose tissue. The energy is delicate enough not to damage nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue. This speeds up recovery time and healing processes. With the use of thin cannulas, we have the ability to model the area of the abdomen, chest, back, buttocks, but also such sensitive areas as the face, chin and shoulders. The possibilities are vast and the results are spectacular.


An additional and extremely valuable benefit of the VASER Lipo method is the effect of shrinkage and skin firming impossible to achieve with traditional liposuction methods. It is the use of ultrasound technology that allows us to obtain this result.
Body contouring with the Vaser Lipo method gives not only the possibility to suction out excess fat, it is also a technology that allows for the use of the suctioned-out fat for body modelling in areas that need more adipose tissue, such as the face, breasts or buttocks. Autograft can be performed during the same liposuction procedure or delayed (fat tissue may be frozen).

  • no age contraindications, the general condition of the patient is important
  • minimally invasive procedure, relatively quick convalescence
  • a method designed for both women and men
  • treatment under the supervision of specialists trained by a certified trainer
  • modeling using the patient's fat tissue

Time of surgery:

60-180 minutes


general or local


7 days, 3 consultations

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