Brazilian butt lift
 (auto-transplantation of fat tissue)

Dreaming of a firm, round buttocks but afraid of a painful implant procedure? Think your body will gain in proportion due to its rounding? Diets and exercises do not help? Or perhaps you are suffering from disease-induced defects, such as muscle atrophy? You are not the only person looking for a solution.

There are two methods used in buttock augmentation: apart from implants we also offer adipose tissue transplantation ATT, also referred to as Brazilian butt lift. The procedure uses ultrasonic waves (the Vaser Lipo method), which enables safe removal of adipose tissue from the selected part of your body (arms, thighs, abdomen…) where there is an excess of it. It is then used to model the buttocks to give them the desired shape. Auto-transplantation of adipose tissue is currently the most commonly used solution if there are no serious contraindications. Implants are usually used when there is no part of the body to get adipose tissue from.

The procedure takes about 120 minutes and requires general anaesthesia. The patient returns to daily activities after about 14 days.


It should be noted that Dr Samir Ibrahim has been working for many years in the Persian Gulf, where buttocks augmentation surgery is chosen by 98% of female patients using an adipose tissue modelling procedure. Dr. Samir Ibrahim is the precursor of the Vaser Lipo method in Poland and now also a certified coach. See the BEFORE/AFTER photo gallery.



  • low invasive, safe method
  • natural filler material (fat tissue)
  • fast recovery
  • natural effects

Time of surgery:

120 min




14 days

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