Face lift

Your face does not reflect how you feel inside, but you are afraid of visible signs of the surgery. 'I do not want to look like I’ve had a facelift!' is the most common concern of patients during preoperative consultation. The key to success is the experience and touch of your surgeon. Below you will find out what exactly a facelift is and why you should consider it if you are looking for an effective method of rejuvenating and smoothing your face and neck.

How it’s done

There are many facial rejuvenation treatments, but a facelift is one of the most effective and the most lasting – and it’s back in good graces. The idea is not to create a ‘new’ face, but one that looks refreshed, less tired and younger. The purpose of a facelift is to reduce the wrinkling of the skin (also deep wrinkles), regain tension and elasticity.

The procedure is performed by a plastic surgeon under anaesthesia and involves the removal of skin and fat tissue to restore sharp facial features. This kind of facelift is the so-called midface lift applied to the skin of the cheeks and the skin between the nose and upper lip. 
Meanwhile, in the case of a neck lift, apart from removing excess skin and adipose tissue, the muscles are stretched. Surgery is also performed under anaesthesia. The final result, in the case of both treatments, is achieved after approx. three months.


In some patients, we recommend complementary treatments to achieve the best effect of a facelift. In order to improve the appearance of the cheek area and the skin above the upper lip, we use dermatological fillers or transplants of your own fat tissue. Our expert will tell you about these possibilities.


  • time of procedure – up to 180 minutes
  • removal of most stitches after 5 days
  • after approx. 14 days, the patient returns to normal functioning
  • first results 3 weeks after the surgery
  • visible results 3 months after the surgery


  • an effective method for lasting effects
  • visible sharpened, rejuvenated features
  • reduced wrinkles
  • an effective treatment for both face and neck

Time of surgery:

90-180 min




10-14 days, 3 check-up visits

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