Thigh & calves lift

Thighs are a frequent problem when it comes to disproportionate legs - if you try to improve their appearance with diet and exercise, you know how resistant they are to change... Why is this the case? The problem with the thighs can lie in excessive fat and drooping skin, leading to sagging of their inner part. Time and gravity also do not work favourably and affect the loss of firmness and elasticity of the skin of that part of the body. At Mandala Beauty Clinic we can offer several solutions to this problem.

How it’s done

The first possibility – if your skin is firm and tense – is liposuction, which is the removal of excess fat. In our clinic, we offer Vaser Lipo, a method using ultrasound, which precisely breaks down fat tissue and removes it without damaging the adjacent tissues. The undeniable advantages of this method are efficiency, low invasiveness, and thus quick return to everyday activities. The removed adipose tissue can also be used to model other parts of the body as a natural filler. However, if the stretched skin needs to be removed, then an additional skin lift is carried out, i.e. removal of excess skin. The resulting wound is stitched with soluble stitches. To reduce swelling, a flexible bandage is applied for two to four weeks.

Recovery time depends on the type of procedure performed. For a few days, you should avoid walking up stairs, squatting and aerobics. A medical check-up takes place on the second or third day after surgery. Right after the procedure, the thighs may feel stiff and swollen. This feeling gradually fades away. Most of the swelling goes down after six weeks. Persons who work ‘behind the desk’ can return to their work within a week. For three to six weeks you should avoid activities that require lifting weights of more than 5 kilograms, long standing or walking. Scars begin to disappear two or three months after surgery. After one to two years, they decrease considerably, but they never disappear completely. Modern methods of laser scar removal can, however, help to eliminate this problem.

Time of surgery:

60-120 min




several days

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