Breast augmentation – autotransplantation of fat tissue

Breast augmentation has for many years been the most popular plastic surgery procedure in Poland and worldwide. Women improve their shape, size and correct asymmetry. Usually, the first association connected with this surgery is implants. However, this is not the only solution for women who want a change. Fat tissue is an excellent, natural filler material.


Vaser Lipo Hi Definition 3 & 4D is an innovative method that allows you to take fat tissue from selected parts of the body as well as to model your body, including breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation using Vaser Lipo is less invasive and therefore does not require such a long convalescence as in the case of an implant surgery. The results are very natural, and the size of augmentation depends on the individual patient’s predisposition. It is determined during a consultation with our doctor. Furthermore, an excess adipose tissue is frozen and can be used for subsequent injection in case of additional augmentation.


Dr Samir Ibrahim is a specialist performing Vaser Lipo procedures in our clinic. He trained with its creators: Dr Alfedo Hoyos from Bogota and Dr John Millard from Denver. Now he also trains doctors in Poland and the Middle East.



  • use of natural filler: fat tissue of the patient
  • low invasiveness
  • quick recovery

Time of surgery:

60-140 min


general or local


7 days

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