KLAUDIA, flight attendant, age 21


Problem: great fluctuations in weight, lack of effects of applied diet and exercise, and small lower jaw

Procedure: Vaser Lipo liposuction, fat autograft: breast and buttocks
The weight fluctuations had a very bad effect on my appearance. Unfortunately, exercises did not help, diets helped a little, but for a short time, because I had a ruined metabolism.

So I started reading about what I could do and found information on Vaser Lipo. I learned that it allows for: rapid regeneration of the body, the possibility of transplanting fat anywhere and no pain, which was confirmed. I checked who does this type of treatment best and has the most experience. It turned out that Dr Samir trained in the United States and was a pupil of the creator of this method himself. I thought this would be the best choice. Having sucked out and autografted the fat to the breasts and buttocks; the next procedure was to correct the chin… I suffered from underdevelopment of this part of the face. The chin was concave, forming a ‘bird’s’ profile. It always bothered me. At first, fat was sucked from the jaw, but the results were not satisfactory, so together with my doctor, we decided to put an additional small implant. This may sound controversial, but thanks to plastic surgery my life has changed for the better. I became confident, open, social.

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