The number of circumcision procedures is constantly growing: it is estimated that every year there are nearly 20,000 procedures performed. The decision may be affected by the latest news from the world of science - as reported by US scientists, that circumcision reduces the risk of prostate cancer. However, the largest number of circumcision procedures is performed because of phimosis, which affects not only adult men, but also boys. However, circumcision may be performed not only for medical or hygienic reasons, but also religious or cultural reasons.

How it’s done

Circumcision (latin circumcision) is a surgical procedure consisting of a total or partial removal of a large part of the foreskin of the penis. This procedure does not result in significant changes in the structure of the body or its functioning.

Benefits of circumcision

The effects of circumcision are different depending on the reason for which it is performed.

The most important is circumcision performed for medical reasons (phimosis, too short frenulum, glueing of the foreskin and the glans by smegma, etc.). Then the treatment is necessary for the proper and healthy functioning of the penis. It happens that these diseases make sexual intercourse much more difficult or even impossible. In such cases, circumcision restores a man’s full sexual function.

Some men want to be circumcised for hygienic reasons, to reduce smegma, which can glue the foreskin to the glands and give off an unpleasant odour alongside the development of bacteria. In such cases, circumcision can thus be considered a cosmetic procedure.

Men with too loose and too long foreskin also decide on the procedure, especially foreskin that hangs outside the glands and causes discomfort. In such cases, circumcision helps to get rid of complexes and raise self-esteem.
Men, in addition to the aforementioned medical and hygienic reasons, increasingly decide to be circumcised in order to improve the quality of their sex life. Too tight or too loose foreskin may be an obstacle during intercourse. Following the procedure, the penis becomes less sensitive, and as a result, the man can maintain the state of erection longer and positively affect the erotic experiences of his partner.

Time of surgery:

30-60 min




2-3 days

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