DOROTA, architect, age 33


Problem: ‘belly fat,’ retracted chin
Procedure: Vaser Lipo Ultrasonic Liposuction

My stomach, despite a healthy diet and exercise, did not look as I wanted it to. Although I’m slim, I had belly fat. Meanwhile, the retracted chin was the result of a childhood accident. Because of this, I suffered from great issues all my life.

At last, I decided to do something about it. As for the extraction of fat – Vaser Lipo – in the morning I had the surgery, and in the evening my condition was good enough that I could be discharged. Ultrasonic liposuction is so much more delicate than traditional. Of course, I had the drainage, then swelling and bruising appeared, but after four days I was already up and running. In the fifth or sixth day, I started lymphatic drainage. In total, I had about twenty of them, followed by massages with a special device. Thanks to them, all fat residues are levelled out. You can even say that the end result of the surgery depends on them in a ratio of 30-40 percent. In the case of the chin, the biggest problem was the need to eat liquid food. I enjoy food. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I did not follow the doctor’s instructions a few times, and the stitches split. As a result, the scar did not heal nicely. Therefore, I advise all patients to listen to the doctor’s recommendations.

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