Oksana, sales manager, 28 years old


Problem: Poland syndrome, large asymmetry and breast droop
Treatment: breast plastic surgery with implants

I’ve dreamed about improving my breasts for a long time, probably since I was 15 years old. I’m joking that I got everything from fate except cool tits 🙂 Some doctors refused to help me, claiming that they are not able to achieve the effect that I would like. So I started to look, read reviews, listened to friends who had this type of treatments. In the end I found out that it would either be Dr. Samir or no one else. And I succeeded. I remember that I took my husband with me for the consultation, to introduce him to the doctor who would treat me…

’Oksana is a beautiful young woman who is physically active despite suffering from scoliosis and chest deformity. Her breasts were asymmetrical with indentation in the area of the sternum typical for the Poland syndrome (right breast more than twice the size of the left). In addition, as a result of breast-feeding they began to droop. This is a difficult case, I am not surprised that some doctors refused to treat the patient. It’s hard to predict final results,’ comments Dr. Samir.

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