Scar reduction

We all have them and although the wounds have long been healed, it is sometimes difficult to forget them. Scars from childhood, after treatments, and accidents... If they are a problem for you and they make you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed - you can say goodbye to them: reduce them, improve their aesthetic qualities or even get rid of some of them entirely.


Scar formation is a natural process of skin rejuvenation. They appear after all kinds of injuries like incisions or burns. The wound is filled with blood and a protective scab is formed. New living cells flow towards the site of injury to remove the dead cells. Then the cells of the connective tissue begin to produce a replacement epithelial coating using collagen.
There are many pharmacological therapies that are designed to accelerate healing and alleviate scarring, but they are not always effective.

The healing processes begin at the very moment of injury, but the scar can take the final shape even after a year! It depends on the type of injury, the place of injury, but also on the individual predisposition of the body.


The method that gives you the best results depends on the scar itself. Consultation with a specialist doctor is aimed at selecting the optimal treatment for an individual skin problem.

Smaller scars, suitable for non-invasive treatment – are acne scars or, for example, stretch marks. Treatment involves the use of a series of treatments that are tailored to the needs of the patient.

At Mandala Beauty Clinic we offer the following methods:

  • Carboxytherapy or mesotherapy with carbon dioxide
  • Fraxel fractional laser
  • Skin needling

Treatments are non-invasive, painless and have a visible effect after the first visit.

Bigger scars generally require surgical intervention. This usually involves cutting out the skin lesion and re-sewing it. In this case, after approx. one week the stitches are removed and the patient is instructed to protect the scars with prescribed pharmacological agents. If the scar is concave, transplantation of adipose tissue taken from another part of the patient’s body helps. Such a transplantation smooths the surface of the skin and restores its aesthetic appearance.


The procedures do not completely remove scars, but significantly smooth them out (correcting the appearance). It is worth noting that the effects of each procedure also depend on the patient's predisposition and his genetic predisposition to wound healing.

Time of surgery:

30-60 min


none or local


1-3 days

Ask our expert about details! Schedule an appointment with a plastic surgeon.

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