Don't like when the wind blows your perfectly combed hair? We know it's not your whim; we know exactly what you are struggling with. Protruding or large ears are the cause of complexes from an early age, permanently affecting self-esteem in adulthood. Malicious comments and jokes are ridiculous only for the people who have not encountered this problem. We know how to prevent such situations once and for all. Learn the details of otoplasty, i.e. ear surgery.

How it’s done

Otoplasty is a popular procedure that can be performed even on young patients. It is children who, because of peer pressure, particularly feel the sense of shame, low self-esteem, and experience problems in the functioning in a group. Ear surgery not only affects the aesthetics itself but also strongly supports the improvement of the patient’s mental condition. Besides, despite the age controversy, young people are much better able to handle the procedure and recover faster. In addition to the necessary assessment of the patient’s general health, there are no contraindications for otoplasty.

The procedure is performed by a plastic surgeon under local anaesthesia. It consists in making the incision behind the auricle and shaping the cartilage so that the ears are kept flat against the head. Sometimes it is also advisable to correct the shape of the auricle. The whole procedure takes approx. 60 minutes.


After the procedure, the patient wears compression bandages so that the ear heals in the appropriate position and to protect the stitches. It is recommended to abstain from washing the hair for the first two days following the procedure. A week later the bandages are removed and the patient can return to school, work or other activities. Although, for six weeks, sports activities such as swimming should be avoided. The effects are permanent, meaning that there is usually no need for another procedure.

At Mandala Beauty Clinic, we also deal with ear problems resulting from mechanical accidents (e.g. penetrating, blunt trauma) or burns.

In our experience, we know that this minor plastic surgery procedure can be of great importance to the patient. And there is no greater satisfaction than seeing a person who, after surgery, enters the office with their hair proudly combed back, not ashamed of their ears.   


  • safe, simple, low invasive procedure
  • hidden, small stitches
  • lasting effect
  • fast recovery
  • improved appearance and well-being

Time of surgery:

30-60 min




7 days, 2 check-up visits

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