This method came to us from France, where in the seventies French physician M. Pistor began to use it in the field of aesthetic dermatology. With its effectiveness and low invasiveness, mesotherapy quickly gained popularity in France and is now being used successfully, worldwide. Treatments include face, neck, cleavage, scalp, buttocks, thighs or abdomen. The scope of mesotherapy is wide - so take advantage of its capabilities.

How it’s done

Mesotherapy is a medical procedure that involves intradermal injection of special pharmacological preparations and medicinal substances. The goal is to regenerate, improve the appearance and rejuvenate the skin. The treatment is also used to reduce cellulite, stretch marks and baldness (improvement of scalp condition). The use of the medicinal solution depends on the needs of the patient. They are generally mixtures of many revitalising and regenerating substances. Active substances should be selected according to the needs of the patient. Read more about the method on our blog

Treatments of this type are done in cycles and in most cases we have to do a few of them to achieve the desired effects. The therapy is prescribed individually by a specialist.

Indications for mesotherapy:

  • signs of skin ageing such as: wrinkles, sagging and skin thinning

  • prevention of hair loss

  • cellulite therapy

  • stretch marks therapy

Time of surgery:

15-30 min




1 day

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