Labiaplasty – Laser modelling of the labia minor DLV®

The harmony of a woman's soul and body is the fulfilment of her needs - including the intimate ones. Unhappiness with the appearance of the genitals is not only a source of embarrassment in the presence of your sexual partner, but also discomfort associated with daily physical activity or wearing fitted lingerie. Don't fear that you're alone. Women increasingly seek solutions for intimate complaints. Labiaplasty is becoming one of the most frequently performed aesthetic gynaecological procedures.

How it’s done

The inner labia are folds of skin surrounding the entrance to the vagina. Most women want their inner labia to be hidden under the outer labia. Often enlargement of the inner labia is due to genetic predisposition, but may also be due to perinatal damage or the physiological process of ageing of this part of the body. In any case, the reduction of the inner labia based on laser DLV® modelling proves to be helpful. The procedure is bloodless, low invasive, associated with minor pain after the procedure and a quick return to daily activities. It aims not only to provide an aesthetic appearance, but also to improve the sensations and quality of your sex life. Read about labiaplasty on the Mandala Beauty Clinic blog.

The surgery takes about 2 hours and requires general, local or spinal anaesthesia. This procedure can be done by laser or by conventional surgical technique, which is determined during a consultation with the specialist doctor.

After the surgery, the patient may experience minor problems associated with post-operative oedema and healing of wounds which disappear after about 2 weeks. The post-operative wound heals usually without complications, and without causing visible scarring.

Other treatments that use laser modelling
of intimate areas are:

Laser labiaplasty combined with laser foreskin reduction
The foreskin is a fine fold of skin that surrounds the clitoris. Laser labiaplasty is most often associated with the reduction of the foreskin – its partial removal significantly improves the hygiene of the genitals, improves their aesthetics and intensifies the sexual experience.

Laser modelling of the vulva
These are plastic surgery procedures designed to rebuild, restore and rejuvenate the vulva structures damaged by traumatic births, physical traumas or those that result from age-related changes.


  • innovative laser technology
  • significant improvement in the comfort of everyday life

Time of surgery:

60-120 min


local or general


7 days

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