IPL hair removal

Having smooth skin is an aesthetic comfort that is attractive and helps you in your daily search for balance and self-confidence. Now you can achieve a safe and lasting effect: SmartPULS is a proven method of effective and lasting hair removal.


The technology used in Mandala Beauty Clinic is safe and produces excellent results. The device converts light energy into heat that selectively produces the desired effect on the treated tissues, for example hair, without affecting the epidermis and surrounding tissues. Light pulses sent by the SmartPULS device damage hair follicles so they cannot produce new hair.

After a few treatments, you can permanently get rid of unwanted hair on different parts of the body. The procedures are painless, and there is no need for recovery. There are no visible changes in the skin caused by the IPL light. An extremely wide head makes the procedure itself very short.


Time of surgery:

15-30 min




1 day

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