Hair Element Analysis

Did you know that your hair allows you to examine the nutritional status of your whole body? Hair element analysis in practice refers to a modern diagnostic method that can demonstrate the specificity of an individual’s metabolism and elemental proportions, thus helping to establish a plan for improving overall fitness and physiological balance.

This knowledge provides great support for all dietary processes, weight loss and balancing of your diet. In addition, it gives an overview of any internal deficiencies, since a mineral deficiency or lack of the natural biological balance can stimulate the formation of disturbances within the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, musculoskeletal system and the immune system, as well as the impact on the neuroendocrine state of the human body. Moreover, researchers have shown that nutrition affects the development of more than 30 types of cancer and has more than a 40% effect on diseases of the cardiovascular system. Thus, nutrition reflects not only on the health aspects of life, but also has a real impact on our well-being and daily balance, today and in the future.

Why is hair element analysis worth performing?

The atomic spectroscopy used during the analysis and the correct interpretation of results allow for understanding the complex interactions between minerals in the human body. A hair element analysis allows us to track the changes, deficiencies and toxic levels of individual elements (Ca, Mg, K, Cu, Zn, P, Fe, Mn, Cr, Se, B, Co, Mo, S, Sb, U, As, Be, Hg, Cd, Pb, Al, Ge, Ba, Bi, Rb, Li, Ni, Pt, Tl, V, Sr, Sn, Ti, W, Zr), and proportions between them. The mineral condition of the body reflects not only the nutritional status, but also the neuroendocrine condition of the human body. The use of appropriate dietary modifications allows for the correction of metabolic disorders and leads to mineral homeostasis. A diet based on the results of the analysis will fully respond to your individual needs, will support your body, improve your well-being, and over time will result in a general improvement in health, which will bring long-lasting benefits.


  • verification of the nutritional status of your body
  • verification of individual needs
  • support in creating a diet dedicated only to you
  • a holistic view, a non-invasive method

Time of surgery:

60-180 min





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