G-spot amplification

Satisfaction in our sex life is important if we want to maintain an inner balance of spirit and body. Some women, however, do not feel full satisfaction. Others are happy with their intimate life, but would like to further increase the intensity of their experiences. They all can consider a state of the art non-surgical procedure of amplification of the G spot, i.e. one of the most sensitive erogenous zones.

How it’s done

The main goal of GSA® (G-Spot Amplification) is to augment, enhance and firm the G-spot, thereby intensifying the sexual experience during sexual intercourse. This minimally invasive procedure involves the injection of collagen into the G-spot. The procedure itself is performed under local anaesthesia and takes a few seconds; the visit to the doctor’s office does not exceed 30 minutes. Already 4 hours after the procedure, the patient can enjoy the normal sexual activity, but with enhanced sexual pleasure.

The recombinant collagen used in the treatment is a protein naturally occurring throughout the human body. As a result, this method is completely safe, which is confirmed by FDA registration (Food and Drug Administration).

The results of GSA® procedure are immediate and persist for more than 4 months; however, it should be noted that they vary according to the individual characteristics and the patient’s predisposition. According to a pilot study, 87% of women who have undergone the treatment experience significantly enhanced sexual pleasure.


  • fast, low invasive procedure
  • use of safe, natural substance
  • fast recovery
  • several month-long results (depending on the body)

Time of surgery:

15 - 60 min




1 day

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