FUE hair transplant

FUE, i.e. Follicular Unit Extraction, is one of the hair transplantation methods performed in our clinic. FUE works best in cases where the recipient area is not extensive (i.e. the number of necessary transplants is not big). In any case, the choice of treatment depends on many individual factors of the patient and is selected by a medical specialist based on a detailed interview and examination of the hair. Therefore, your doctor will tell you whether you are eligible for this treatment and whether it will give you the best results.


FUE is an ambulatory procedure (its duration is between 5-8 hours and depends on the amount of hair), and its main advantage is very low invasiveness. This is a technique that, unlike the STRIP method, does not require a scalpel or sewing. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. This minimizes the risk of bleeding, infection and postoperative pain. It is important to note that shaving the head is necessary for this method, regardless of sex and initial length of hair.

In the first part of the procedure, the doctor anaesthetizes the donor area, from which the individual follicular units will be extracted (as well as the back and the sides of the head). The hair units in these areas are permanent and not affected by dehydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is a hormone responsible for inhibiting hair growth by shrinking hair follicles. This means that hair grafts are a permanent material and the transplant will not be influenced by this hormone.


For this purpose, a tool is used with a diameter of 0.8 mm to 1.2 mm (depending on the condition of the skin, quality and density of the hair). One follicular unit naturally consists of one to four hairs. Each of them is viewed under the microscope to know the exact number of healthy, undamaged hairs. Once the extraction is complete, and after administering anaesthesia, the follicular units are implanted into the restoration area. Only healthy, undamaged units are transplanted, which unfortunately can affect the final number of transplants.

During one procedure you can transplant up to 3,000 hairs. Re-use of the same recipient area is possible after 6 months. The dressing, placed on the donor area immediately after the procedure, can be removed the next day. Skin redness in the recipient and donor areas usually disappears within 3-5 days. The patient receives a detailed instruction on how to cultivate transplanted hair in the first days after surgery.

The FUE method can successfully complement the STRIP method because it effectively conceals scarring after stitches.



Week 1: Gentle cleansing of the head, removal of dressings, possible oedema and bruising; recommended gentle washing of the head without wiping.
Week 2: First washing of your head under the shower after 10 days, during this time there is a natural loss of transplanted hair.
Week 3: Possible first hair treatment at an experienced hairdresser.
Month 3 after transplantation: Transplanted hair starts to regrow, but the final results will be visible after a further 3 consecutive months.


  • low invasiveness
  • no scarring
  • ideal for people who wear very short hair

Time of surgery:

3 - 6 hours





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