Small procedures can have a great impact on the aesthetics of the face. Fillers are a great example - they can easily improve the look of your face while maintaining a natural look. New technologies are available at this time, where fillers can be applied in eyebrow lift, corner lip lift, hand skin renewal, scars correction, and even in the so-called ‘liquid facelift’. During the consultation, we will discuss several options to choose the treatment for your needs.

How it’s done

The purpose of the procedure is to fill and smooth the furrows (eg. nasal-lip furrows, or characteristic braces that are located along the nose and the mouth).

Most dermatological fillers contain hyaluronic acid. In the human body, natural hyaluronic acid is responsible for the volume of the skin. Dermatological fillers have been slightly modified to withstand longer periods in the body than the natural ones. These products do not contain animal protein to reduce the risk of allergic reactions and the transmission of diseases of animal origin. And how is hyaluronic acid different from Botox.

No skin tests are required before the procedure. Side effects are minimal and may take the form of bruises, slight swelling, redness and irritation (lumps, itching, discolouration and skin sclerosis are very rare). Prior to the procedure it is recommended to avoid aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and high doses of vitamin E supplements as they may cause excessive bleeding and bruising. 
The procedure is practically painless, as we use skin anaesthetics as a standard or, if necessary, perineural anaesthesia. 
The effect is immediate and depending on the chosen filler, it remains visible for the next 6 to 12 months. The procedure itself is fast (only up to 20 minutes) and does not require recovery.


  • fast, painless treatment without contraindications
  • instantaneous smoothing effect
  • fast recovery
  • use of modified hyaluronic acid
  • natural substance for humans
  • safe with only rare side effects
  • wide use in various parts of the body (face, hands, correction of scars)

Time of surgery:

30 min


none or local


1 day

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