Closing the capillaries on the face using electrocoagulation 

Cracked capillaries on the face are a common problem that does not always disappear despite the application of skin care products. If you are struggling with so-called spider veins, we offer a one-time procedure that will give you lasting results.

How it’s done

The method of electrocoagulation involves the use of alternating currents of high frequency. An impulse of current closes the blood vessels. The procedure is short, lasting approximately 15-20 minutes, and does not require anaesthesia. Following the procedure, the site may be irritated, which may persist for 2-3 days, but this usually disappears the next day.
The contraindications to electrocoagulation are: cancer, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, pregnancy, and having a pacemaker. It is therefore advisable to perform the procedure in a professional doctor’s office where the expert will conduct a detailed interview with the patient.

Time of surgery:

up to 30 min





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