Varicose veins, CTEV endovenous laser therapy

Suffering from varicose veins of lower limbs? Or maybe you cannot see them, but you feel pain, burning, itching or heaviness in your legs? Many people postpone the treatment of varicose veins, thinking that they will have to undergo a major surgery requiring hospitalization, general anaesthesia, many weeks of recovery, and which result in scarring, pain and potential postoperative complications. If so, read about the alternative: endovenous laser therapy CoolTouch CTEV. With this procedure you can easily get rid of varicose veins in a simple, virtually painless procedure performed in a doctor's office.

How it’s done

CoulTouch is currently the least invasive but also the most effective method of removing varicose veins. It uses the laser beam whose bundle is precisely matched so that it does not cause pain or swelling. The action consists in closing the damaged, diseased veins, so that the body spontaneously transfuses blood with other healthy veins. As a result, patients are not condemned to a scalpel and long-term recovery.

The procedure is performed under anaesthesia and it does not exceed 90 minutes. See the BEFORE/AFTER photo gallery.
After the procedure the patient is not immobilized – movement is allowed within personal limits and the patient can return home on the same day. Special bandages and pressure dressings are applied on the legs. Full recovery of physical fitness depends on the patient’s predisposition, but usually occurs after a dozen or so days.

However, it must be borne in mind that not every patient can be treated by this method – this is decided by the specialist during an individual consultation.


  • get rid of the symptoms immediately
  • fast procedure performed on an out-patient basis
  • minimal scars or lack of them
  • no need for general anaesthesia
  • fast recovery

Time of surgery:

60-90 min


general or PP


1 day, 2 consults

Ask the specialist for details. Schedule an appointment with our surgeon, phlebologist.

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