Consultation with a dietitian and counselling on nutrition 

Dreaming of a slim body? Want to revitalize your body? Struggling with extra kilograms? Get better results and support your diet with a professional plan. Our diet and nutrition consultancy and advice is a proposal for patients who want to sustain the effects of other treatments for longer.

How it’s done

We propose a comprehensive offer of treatment including individualized nutrition counselling, and aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery procedures. Treatments will allow you to enjoy an immaculate body, while a rational diet, tailored to individual preferences, will help you lose extra kilos and increase the level of vitality. 
Advantages of comprehensive therapy:
– optimized performance,
– achievement and consolidation of expected results,
– body weight regulation,
– nutrition and improvement of skin condition.

The offer includes:

  • analysis of food quality in terms of the nutritional content of protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and dietary energy value;

  • evaluation of body composition using a Tanita analyser (measurement of water, fat and muscle tissue in the body; determination of basal metabolic rate, bone mass, visceral fat index and body type);

  • nutrition counselling in the scope of rational nutrition, including individual metabolic disorders and gastrointestinal illnesses (also includes nutrition during increased physical exercise and during preparation for bariatric surgery (read more about the comprehensive offer of gastric balloon implantation surgery

  • a personalized nutritional plan tailored to individual preferences;

  • hair element analysis.

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