Carboxytherapy Fenix

Creams and treatments are an important part of skin care. However, the most important processes take place internally - so getting to the deeper layers gives you the best healing effects. How can you take care of it? One of the treatments that reachs inside the skin is carboxytherapy - a clinically tested, safe, low-impact method that has been used for over 80 years.

How it’s done

Carboxytherapy is, in other words, mesotherapy needle using carbon dioxide. The method uses the healing and regenerative effects of CO₂ by injecting it intradermally and subcutaneously, where no cosmetics are able to reach. The treatment stimulates the production of elastin and collagen. As a result, collagen fibres shrink and the skin is visibly firmer and more flexible. Additionally, the procedure delays the ageing process, increases blood and oxygen flow, thereby regenerating the skin. This is also a strong impetus for the body to build new blood vessels and delay the ageing process.


As a support during liposuction – it ensures lymphatic drainage and improves metabolism. Carbon dioxide fights fibrosis, thereby levelling, smoothing and improving skin elasticity.

Skin oxygenation – CO₂ enhances skin oxygenation and stimulates the formation of new blood vessels and blood circulation. Influences the lightening of the skin and imparting a fresh appearance.

Limb cramps – improved metabolism and oxygenation of the muscles positively affects these ailments.

Chronic venous insufficiency – carbon dioxide stimulates the microcirculation that oxygenates the vessels and cells. As a result, they strengthen and regenerate faster.

Circulatory disorders – carbon dioxide helps to neutralize the feeling of ‘heavy legs’ right from the first procedure. Improves blood circulation, oxygenation, rebuilds, strengthens vessels and cells.

Spider veins – carboxytherapy has great effects in the treatment of circulation problems – it stimulates the formation of new vessels while reducing the damaged ones.

Obesity – barotrauma during the administration of CO₂ damages fat cells. Weakened, they are reduced more easily, and the skin remains nourished and tightened.

Scars – their reduction due to carboxytherapy is painless and long-lasting. It is usually necessary to perform several treatments to the scar area in order to intensify the nutrition and synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Localized fatty tissue – carboxytherapy is recommended for people with unevenly distributed adipose tissue (sides, thighs, knees, buttocks, shoulders, stomach). The concentration of the therapy precisely in the treated area affects the efficiency of breaking up the adipose tissue.

Cellulite – an improvement of elasticity, elasticity of the skin occurs after the first treatment, because carboxytherapy is the only therapy that affects all factors concerned with the formation of the ‘orange peel’ syndrome.

Hand regeneration – dryness, harshness and flabby skin disappear due to fibroblast stimulation. Results are visible after the first treatment.

Stretch marks – intradermally injected carbon dioxide leads to the synthesis of collagen and elastin; the effect of disappearing stretch marks is quickly visible and long-lasting.

Lack of elasticity – the injection of carbon dioxide gives the body a boost to increase regeneration and production of collagen and elastin, which impacts our skin with the desired elasticity.

Skin loosening – skin loosening and loss of elasticity (after pregnancy or weight loss) is reduced by stimulating the nutritional processes and production of collagen.

Wrinkles – all kinds of wrinkles are smoothed out, and the effects are particularly visible in the case of wrinkles of the neck and on so-called crow’s feet.

Shadows under the eyes – treatment mainly involves the oxygenation of these parts of the face, so that the skin regains a radiant, healthy appearance. The effects persist for over 6 months.

Psoriasis – a series of carboxytherapy treatments – improves skin oxygenation in the scalp area. Improved blood circulation gets rid of psoriatic lesions.

Alopecia – carboxytherapy in combination with Mesotherapy Platelet Rich Plasma oxygenates and nourishes the scalp and stimulates hair growth.

Hair – improves blood circulation of the scalp, and thus the density of the hair, stops it from falling out. The hair regains a healthy and shiny appearance.

Fenix device used for carboxytherapy at Mandala Beauty Clinic allows for the precise and fast injection of carbon dioxide. Thus, the treatment is comfortable and risk-free to the patient. Fenix also allows for the injection of very sensitive places such as around the eyes and scalp.


Carboxytherapy does not require recovery. It's enough that the treated area is protected for a few hours before contact with water. Moreover, the patient is free to return to everyday activities and responsibilities immediately after treatment. The number of treatments depends on the area being treated. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor in each case.

Time of surgery:

15-30 min





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