Breast reduction

As many as 70% of women do not feel fully satisfied with their breasts (International Journal of Sexual Health) and this regards not only too small a cup. Disproportionately large breasts often cause back and neck pain, difficulty in breathing, and can cause complexes and discomfort. Therefore, the breast reduction procedure is not only an aesthetic undertaking, but also a health issue.

How it’s done

The breast reduction procedure involves the removal of excess breast tissue and the shaping of the breast to a smaller size. Patients must be aware that post-surgery breastfeeding may not be possible due to the alteration or removal of mammary glands. Hence, this procedure is recommended for women who do not plan to get pregnant.

As a result of the procedure, scarring occurs. However, we make every effort to be able to hide them under the underwear or regular clothes. In recent times, scars have been successfully treated with laser Fraxel. The breast reduction procedure is performed under general anaesthesia and lasts up to 2 hours. Most patients can return to work two weeks after surgery. Recovery progresses gradually, and the final effects of the treatment are visible after six months (up to one year).


  • greater comfort of life
  • reduced back and shoulder burden
  • aesthetic issues
  • easier selection of underwear and clothing

Time of surgery:

up to 2 hours




2 weeks

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