Breast lift

You have probably noticed that they are also influenced by gravity... With age, after pregnancy/pregnancies, due to weight changes, the breasts lose their natural firmness and begin to sag. Many women are unhappy with the so-called projection of their breasts. Fortunately, modern plastic surgery knows the answer to this problem: a breast lift.

How it’s done

The purpose of a breast lift is to restore their naturally rounded shape. During the procedure, the areola and nipple are moved to achieve a better projection and more youthful appearance. Lifting can be combined with augmentation (the criterion is a small cup and nipples at the level of or below the breast fold). Implants are often helpful in breast modelling, providing roundness in the upper part, even if they do not augment them. Another method is autotransplantation of adipose tissue using Vaser Lipo which uses the patient’s own material.

During the procedure itself, you can also improve the appearance of the nipple and areola by reducing them. Read about our patient Maria who underwent a breast lift surgery with an implant and breast modelling, along with the complex treatment of the areola and nipple.

A breast lift can be performed in many different ways. Some women only require an incision around the nipple or the areola, while others require a lollipop-shaped incision around the nipple and a vertical one from the nipple down. Still, other patients require an anchor-like incision. We approach our patients individually, helping them to decide which lift best suits their expectations. We do not use one universal method. We understand that each body is different, and each patient has her own aesthetic goals. Regardless of the required incision, the lift procedure is performed so that the scar can be hidden under the bra or bathing suit.


Patients usually return to work after one to two weeks from surgery, and recovery progresses gradually and lasts about 3 months. For the first 2 weeks after surgery you need to wear a special bra. After about 20 days stitches are removed. The breast lift is a surgical procedure, so after the surgery there is swelling and pain that is eliminated by medicines administered under the supervision of the doctor. Lasting effects can be seen 3 months after the procedure.

– the procedure takes about 120 minutes
– return to work after about 2 weeks
– removal of the stitches after about 20 days
– lasting effects seen after 3 months


  • individually selected method
  • a possibility to combine it with an implant augmentation

Time of surgery:

do 120 min




16-21 days, 3 check-up visits

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