Plastic surgery of the eyelids – blepharoplasty

Eyes are the part of the face that is often the first to show signs of ageing, such as: loosely falling folds of skin, bags under the eyes, swelling. At the same time, it is also a tool of the important sense of eyesight. In spite of many daily eye-care treatments, we are unable to take care of the shape of our eyelids which not only influence our looks but also the quality of our sight. This is the job of a special field of plastic surgery - blepharoplasty.

How it’s done

Blepharoplasty is intended for the patients who suffer from excess skin or eyelid fat, as well as lower or upper eyelid asymmetries. The purpose of the procedure is usually to remove the signs of ageing, improve the aesthetics of the eyelids, but also restore their normal functioning.

The procedure usually takes up to 2 hours and consists of making an incision in the eyelids to shape them. In most cases, local anaesthesia is administered, and the patient returns to work usually around 10 days after the procedure. You do not have to worry about ugly scars – they are minimal and basically disappear a few months after the surgery.

Blepharoplasty is not able to correct the shadows under the eyes or to even out the filling of the lines or grooves above the zygomatic bone (lower part of the eye). Hence, often with eyelid surgery, we recommend the simultaneous application of dermatological fillers or autotransplantation of adipose tissue using the innovative Vaser Lipo ultrasound technique. This will give you the full effect of correction and thus rejuvenate and smooth your face around the eyes.


  • rejuvenated look, restoring tension of the eyelid skin
  • removal of visible signs of ageing
  • a fresh look of the entire face
  • the effect of symmetry of the eyes
  • better functioning of the eyes (greater field of vision)
  • rapid scar fading
  • fast recovery

Time of surgery:

60-120 min


general ^ local


5-7 days, 2 check-up visits

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