STANISŁAW, entrepreneur, age 58


Problem: androgenetic alopecia
Procedure: Strip hair transplantation
Recovery time: The final results were seen several months after the procedure

I started going bald at the age of 30. Of course, it was progressive and maybe I would not do anything about it, but one day I walked into a store where I saw my reflection in a large mirror and I could not believe it was me! Sometime later, I watched a show on TV called Secrets of Surgery (featuring Dr Samir Ibrahim), where such treatment was performed and the results were very encouraging. I came to the conclusion that even though I was over 50 years old, I could still improve on nature. I found Dr Samir Ibrahim’s clinic online and scheduled a consultation. During the meeting, we agreed on the date of the procedure, because I did not have to be convinced to the transplantation itself.

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