ROKSANA, political science, age 27


Problem: loss of hair after radio therapy

Procedure: Strip hair transplantation

I decided to do hair transplantation 9 years after the end of cancer treatment. I asked large, well-known plastic surgery clinics if they did such procedures on the National Health Fund. One clinic wrote back that they did, but I do not qualify (based on the images, the doctor said that there was no possibility of grafting), the other did not reply at all. Through the Rak’n’Roll Foundation, with which Mandala Clinic had just started cooperating, I ended up in good hands. During the consultation, I was qualified for transplantation. The procedure itself is bearable, lasted about 4-5 hours and was not painful. It was much worse to lie on the stomach after surgery :). At the clinic, I received all the necessary materials about skin care after transplantation, so I had no problems with it. Of course, at first, all the hair fell out and began to grow back after 3 months. I did not think about specific results, but I am very happy; it is much better than it was.

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