MONIKA, mum and a model, age 28


Problem: small, asymmetrical, falling breasts
Procedure: breast plastic surgery with implants
Recovery time: one weekń

I came to Mandala by chance. After pregnancy and during the period of breastfeeding I lost weight, my body changed and my breasts became asymmetrical. I was already scheduled for a breast augmentation procedure at another clinic, but I started talking about it with my colleague at work. She recommended Dr Samir Ibrahim. Of course, there is no better advertisement than to see the live effect: beautiful, proportionate, perfect breasts. I was not sure if it was natural or artificial! The decision did not take long.

Shortly thereafter I underwent a breast enlargement procedure in Mandala, and then also modelling of the abdomen and buttocks by VASER LIPO to improve the proportions of the whole body. I am very happy with the results. Now I encourage my friends, also from my professional circle!

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