MARIA, patient & doctor


Problem: asymmetrical, disfigured breasts
Procedure: a lift surgery with an implant combined with breast modelling along with the complex treatment of the areola and nipple
Recovery time: several weeks

After many years of being significantly overweight, I went through a process of very drastic weight loss without the supervision physicians and dieticians. It left a mark on my appearance: significantly stretched skin lacking firmness, numerous stretch marks, and above all, asymmetrical and disfigured breasts. One day I just got up and felt that I really wanted to change their image. I realized that, like other women, I wanted to enjoy the beautiful shape of my breasts, I wanted to enjoy wearing underwear (in the past I could only buy underwear that would cover all the imperfections, not the kind I dreamed of) or certain clothes, for example showing my back or going strapless, which I had to deny myself because of the need to wear an ‘iron’ bra that would lift my breasts significantly and give them an acceptable shape. I immediately called Natalia from Mandala Beauty Clinic and arranged to consult Dr Samir Ibrahim. I made the decision within one minute!

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