KATARZYNA: mother, sports fan


Problem: linea alba hernia, stretched abdominal skin, excess adipose tissue
Procedure: removal of skin and fat folds in the middle and lower abdomen, abdominal wall muscle repair and extraction of excess fat by Vaser Lipo method.
Recovery time: 10 days, 3 months to full recovery

I decided on the procedure mainly for health reasons. I had a linea alba hernia, which made my life difficult and painful. I decided that 10 years after childbirth I would have to undergo a surgery to do something about it. Because of a hernia, I could not bend or lift things, I could not do exercises – which I really like – I could not work on my appearance. In addition to abdominal plastic surgery, Dr Samir suggested liposuction. I agreed and I do not regret it. Already 10 days after surgery I was able to function, and after 3 months I started doing exercise.

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