Adam, uniformed services employee, 25 years old


Problem: disfigurement of earlobes – birth defect, colloquially referred to as protruding ears
Treatment: correction of the ears

I have had protruding ears since I was a child. I have always been told that this is the consequence of a severe birth and entanglement in the umbilical cord, but it turns out to be a congenital defect. At school, I wasn’t teased about it too much, maybe only sometimes, jokingly, but I did not feel good about it. And finally, I decided to do something about it, for myself, to feel better. And because I’m getting married, I thought that it’s now or never :). My doctor did a research for me which clinic is the best. He was recommended Mandala and Dr. Samir Ibrahim.
I am satisfied with the results of the operation. It’s definitely better than it was.

‘Disfigurement of earlobes is a congenital, genetic, disorder, which affects about 20-25% of Poles. It’s sometimes confused with a birth trauma. There are many types of deformities, but the most common problem are protruding ears. It affects both women and men who, due to short haircuts, cannot cover their ears with their hair. This causes great discomfort, embarrassment and complexes. Interestingly, ear corrections can be performed from the age of 6 years (from 10 under local anaesthesia), because in most cases they bring lasting results. However, many parents downplay this problem, not being aware of how such a defect may negatively affect the self-esteem and later life of their children,’ noted Dr. Samir Ibrahim.

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