BEATA, trader, age 39


Problem: too big breasts

Procedure: breast reduction, size G to E

I have always had bigger breasts than my peers. It bothered me in my everyday life. At some point, this discomfort became stronger than fear of surgery. My friend recommended the clinic. I searched for positive feedback and the results of the procedures. After all, each doctor has a different hand. That’s why I looked at photos of patients before and after breast surgery. I really liked the end results. I know that these types of procedures can also be performed with reimbursement from the National Health Fund, but you have to meet certain criteria. Moreover, standards of care, terms, and above all the results are incomparable. That’s why I decided to have the operation at Mandala Clinic and I do not regret it. My life has changed a lot. I do not feel uncomfortable, I do not check my clothes a thousand times a day, and I do not check if my breasts are too big, I no longer look for minimizing underwear. The topic of breasts simply does not exist. Problem solved. Right after the surgery, I went through the excitement phase with a new ‘acquisition’. Now it’s everyday life.

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